Warriors FC told to sit out 2020 SPL season by FAS

Warriors FC’s financial woes continues to rear its ugly head for Singapore’s most successful club

One of Singapore’s most storied clubs, Warriors FC, could be forced to miss this season’s SPL (Singapore Premier League) campaign, after running into financial trouble.

FAS (Football Association of Singapore), in a statement to the media, had officially asked Singapore’s most successful club to sit out of the upcoming SPL campaign.

However, in an act of defiance, Warriors chairman Philip Lam has decided to reject the decision of the FAS as they continue to seek legal counsel on their situation. Warriors’ financial troubles saw them fail to pay their players’ wages on time while also owing money to the social and tax authorities.

It is FAS’ belief that the sit-out period would allow the club to consolidate its resources and not incur any additional liabilities without the assurances of new revenue streams.

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