We’re against Covid-19 vaccine – Bishop

Kisii Catholic Bishop Joseph Mairura says the Church is against Kenyans being given the Covid-19 vaccine and that priority should be in looking for a cure for the global pandemic.

Mairura said the Church will have to be convinced as to why people should be given a vaccine for a virus that keeps mutating “and was created in a laboratory by people who intended to depopulate the world.”

Speaking during the Annual Diocesan Development meeting at the St Charles Lwanga Cathedral in Kisii town yesterday, Mairura called on Kenyans to observe measures such as wearing masks, using sanitizers and observing physical distance from others instead.

“It is very sad that the coronavirus was created by people who wanted their country to be a superpower in the world by ensuring that the population of other nations is reduced while they continue increasing so that they can control the world,” said the Bishop.

Mairura said the Covid-19 virus was preplanned since some people knew way back 10 years ago that in 2020 there would be a virus that would lead to many people dying across the world.

He said the major concern at the moment should be countries ensuring their citizens were safe from the virus through effective prevention measures and not through vaccines whose effectiveness has not been certified but meant to enrich some people.

The Bishop said nations should be wary of individuals who are out to make a killing through the coronavirus. He added that the Catholic Church is against its members using vaccines which were not reliable and might make people relax on the prevention measures leading to more suffering.

“The government should put more emphasis in ensuring that the medical sector is well managed and schools are ready for reopening so that the safety of students is guaranteed,” said the Bishop.

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