Why Are Clean Beauty Products More Expensive?

Experts explain the price difference between clean and conventional cosmetics, and whether they’re worth it.

No parabens, petrolatum or artificial fragrances. Only the best of nature’s ingredients. And hey, a recyclable bottle.

By now, you’ve heard of clean beauty and all its potential benefits. But if you’ve ever compared the price tags on your go-to foundation, moisturizer or conditioner, you may have noticed the clean version is a little pricier. Or, in some cases, much pricier than a not-clean but otherwise comparable product.

Browsing your favorite beauty retailer online can reveal some serious price disparities. Popular brands like Benefit sell highly rated foundations for $30, while a clean foundation from Tarte retails for $39.

Skin care product pricing is similar. Consider this argan oil for $6.80 per ounce, compared with a clean version for about $28.80 per ounce. And hair care products aren’t exempt. A reparative hair mask costs $25 from Kiehl’s, versus $36 from clean brand Briogeo.

So, why do these clean beauty products cost more than the traditional alternatives? We spoke to experts who explained.

The confusion around clean

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