Why cloud service providers are essential for modern small businesses in 2020

Every day, more advanced technologies emerge across the business landscape. They bring innovation and disruption that continues to power growth. Over the past few years, cloud service providers have helped businesses transform their wide ranging processes. Cloud solutions are a robust industry that has quickly matured and became mainstream.

Cloud and managed IT services provide access to powerful capabilities once outside the reach of most small companies.

The state of cloud services in 2020

More opportunities exist for companies in every industry to use the cloud. The value of these flexible, scalable solutions is well-known. Many businesses are turning to them to stay lean and competitive.

According to Emergent Research and Intuit, some 80 percent of U.S. small businesses will deploy cloud computing this year.

In 2019, several new and exciting cloud computing services hit the market. Many of these have drawn from existing cloud solutions, refining and expanding them for more specific business needs. In 2020, expect to see cloud-based:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS): Cloud services work well alongside outsourced hardware or network components. They also deliver software or other capabilities while keeping business infrastructure lightweight.
  • “Work from home” cloud-based businesses: With cloud computing, working from home is easier for small businesses. Cloud solutions make access to business tools easy to use and eliminate the need for physical business locations, helping small businesses reduce their budgets.
  • Data privacy law optimization: Data privacy is becoming more critical than ever. Governments like the European Union and states like California are enacting sweeping privacy laws and regulations. Cloud computing is poised to provide the data processing infrastructure that companies need to comply with.

How cloud service providers support modern businesses

Businesses – especially small ones – have turned to cloud computing over the years because it’s a cost-effective way to access computing power. In many ways, cloud services have leveled the competitive playing field, allowing smaller companies to compete with their larger rivals. In 2020, cloud services will continue to support modern businesses in many different ways.

1. Empowers businesses to move faster

With the rise of cloud computing services such as IaaS, platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS), a business’ infrastructure has begun to move quicker. Many cloud service providers now deliver everything a company needs without investing in expensive hardware and software licenses. Instead, companies pay a subscription to a cloud service provider and acquire flexible, scalable solutions.

While the business benefits from the lightweight nature of cloud services, the cloud service provider takes on the IT tasks that would otherwise slow down a business. Hardware maintenance, software patching, and updates all get done behind the scenes. Companies spend less time fiddling with technology and more time undertaking operations that make the business thrive.

2. Drives collaboration and innovation

The cloud has long been known for its ability to inspire collaboration within a company. With a cloud storage service, employees can access all the information they need while working on projects. They can update the central repository to keep everyone in the loop. The cloud helps keep their information secure but accessible, helping projects stay on track no matter where the team members are located.

3. Increases security

Cloud services have become so popular in part because cloud storage is much more secure than an onsite server. Even if a device is stolen or a physical building damaged, a company’s data will remain safely stored within the cloud. It cannot be corrupted, lost, or compromised due to an onsite disaster.

Likewise, cloud technology is more difficult for hackers to access. As a result, Gartner, a global IT service management company, expects cloud storage to be one of the most popular options for small business data security. Cloud storage can mitigate the impacts of phishing, ransomware, and other tactics that gained prominence in 2019.

Modernize the business with managed services

Cloud solutions are not just popular; they’re becoming vital to business success. In 2020, cloud service providers will continue to expand their offerings. Small businesses will have more options than ever before to drive operational efficiency with computing power.

With the vast majority of businesses expected to adopt cloud solutions this year, forward-thinking companies must consider what this technological revolution means for them. Adapting to the prevalence of cloud based solutions means staying modern, relevant, and competitive.

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