Why do I produce breast milk even after abortion?

I was forced to abort due to health complications

Dr Flo,
I was pregnant for about three months, but due to health issues I had to undergo a legal abortion. During the pregnancy, my breasts started producing milk without stimulation. After the abortion, I thought after some time the milk will stop. However, I still produce milk whenever I squeeze my breast or nipples. OD

Dear OD,
Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause changes in the breast tissues, and some women start producing milk while still pregnant. Without breastfeeding, this may continue for up to two years after the pregnancy. If there are no other issues, then this should resolve by itself with time. In the meantime, avoid hormonal medication, frequent self-examination and breast stimulation during sexual intercourse, and do not wear clothes that create a lot of friction between your nipples and the fabric. There are also medications that help to stop milk production. Also, have a regular (annual) breast check-up by a doctor.

Dr Flo,
What causes arthritis? It’s a crippling disease. What should one do to alleviate pain? Should one be overly concerned about this ailment, that is, what are its adverse effects? Could strenuous walks among other exercises lead to wear and tear of ligaments?

Dear Ali,
Arthritis means there is inflammation at a joint, and it may affect the bone, the cartilage, the fluid in the joint or the tendons that are attached to that particular area. It can affect any joint, and may involve one or more joints in the body, including the upper or lower limbs, the jaw, the bones in the chest or the spine among others. Arthritis can result in pain, swelling, stiffness and/or warmth at the joint. It may be caused by wear and tear of a joint; overuse; infection; injury; gout or an auto immune illness (where the body’s own immune system attacks some parts of the body, in this case, the joint). You are more likely to suffer from arthritis if one of your close family members also has arthritis, or if you are older, or if you have had an injury to that joint before, or if you are overweight.|
Arthritis symptoms are recurrent and never fully go away. Treatment is aimed at reducing the symptoms and reducing further damage to the joint. There is medication to relieve pain and inflammation, and physiotherapy also helps with the symptoms. Treatment also depends on the cause of the arthritis. For example, if there is gout, then medicine to reduce uric acid levels is also used.
Other measures that can also help include maintaining a healthy weight, proper diet, reducing alcohol consumption (especially beer), reducing consumption of meat and seafood, taking a lot of water, exercise, and use of hot or cold packs. The biggest concern with arthritis is the pain in the joints and reduced mobility which affects the ability to perform daily tasks and lowers the quality of life.

Dr Flo,
I just discovered a couple of weeks ago that l have an abscess in the pubic region. I don’t know whether it’s a benign or a malignant growth. But, it’s painless. Recently, l pierced it, but it didn’t produce pus. It produces blood. I would like to know what you think would be the cause of this abscess.

Dear Ronnie,
This swelling is likely to be due to blockage of the hair follicles (where the hair comes out of the skin) by bacteria and other substances or due to hair regrowth after shaving. Some people overreact to the blocked follicle, either because their immune system is overly sensitive or because of hormonal changes. It is not contagious and does not occur due to poor hygiene. Many times, the swellings clear on their own, and may leave a scar. Sometimes swellings in the groin may be due to a sexually transmitted disease.
An abscess is a collection of pus in body tissue, usually due to bacterial infection. A malignant swelling is a cancerous swelling while a benign one is non-cancerous. In this case, the swelling is highly likely to be benign. Since this swelling has been there for several weeks, you need to see a doctor or a skin specialist (dermatologist) for further evaluation and treatment. To eliminate cancer, a biopsy of the swelling would need to be done, after other causes are eliminated.

Dr Flo,
My girlfriend is three months pregnant. This is her first pregnancy. The problem is that she frequently complains of stomachaches especially during the night. This pain goes away after sometime. Is it normal for that to happen to expectant women? And if not, what could be the cause and possible remedy for this situation? Kindly advise on the foods she should take in plenty and those which she shouldn’t.

Dear Frank,
Abdominal pain is common in pregnancy and the causes range from being harmless to being life-threatening. The less serious causes of abdominal pain include having trapped gas (bloating), constipation, hyperacidity, indigestion and stretching of the tissues due to the growing pregnancy and the hormones. The more serious causes include urinary tract infection and problems with the pregnancy. Pregnant women can also get the disease that affect the rest of the population such as appendicitis and kidney stones.
It is advisable for her to be reviewed by the obstetrician for any relevant tests. The management will depend on what the cause may be. However, occasional aches and pains may accompany the pregnancy until delivery. There is no specific diet during pregnancy; just maintain a well-balanced, healthy diet depending on tolerability. Exclusions include alcohol, high dose caffeine, unsanitary foods and foods with toxins.

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