Why house helps are the biggest headache in Nairobi in the New Year – Nairobi News

It is not just the back to school rush that is troubling the minds of many parents in Nairobi.

Many are now also trying to figure out how they will go about their daily activities after their house helps failed to report back to work after the Christmas break.

It is common for many families with a stay-in house help or house manager usually allow them to take a long break from their duties to go stay with their families during the festive season.

However, they are expected to return back before the schools re-open in January.

But this appears not to be the case in many households in Nairobi, if online posts are anything to go by.

Many are complaining that they have been left high and dry by their house managers who have decided to quit without notice.

Others are complaining how some house helps have developed not very likable tendency of asking for money for their transport back twice.

“Nannies have joined slay queens this season to eat fare,” said one online user.

“Wacha kutuongezea stress we already have fees to deal with,” wrote another online user.

“Aki this is so me wangu hajarundi,” commented another one.

“I thought am the only victim. I sent fare few days ago, and now the phone is off,” stated yet another user.

“Wangu aliniambia pia yeye alipata mzee ni pambane na hali yangu,” a user posted.

“Weee,wangu ako kwa gari kutoka wedno,” wrote another user.

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