Willy Paul, Bahati end their beef – Nairobi News

The long-standing feud between singers Bahati and Willy Paul is now a thing of the past after the two reconciled their differences.

Since the beginning of their music careers, the two have been on each other’s neck with shade.

Bahati, says that he and Willy Paul are now bosom buddies. He adds that they speak on the phone every week.

“Huyu bro yangu Willy nampenda sana, hata juzi nilikuwa na yeye. Ni ufala tuu anakuwanga nayo, we talk every week, tunatembelenanga studio and all that. There is no beef, hiyo ilikuwa utoto ya kitambo,” Bahati said.

Willy Paul and Bahati have been highly competitive, clashing several times during music awards ceremonies.

Recently, Willy Paul officially changed his music style from gospel to secular.

Bahati says that he is using their newfound friendship to bring Willy Paul back to the gospel industry.

He argued that he is still a gospel artiste regardless of what people say about his new song Wanani.

“The song Wanani is not a gospel song but a love song. But that does not mean I am slowly shifting to the other side,” he said.

Ironically, Bahati cites American RnB singer Justine Bieber as his role model in music.

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