Willy Paul explains why he quit the gospel music industry

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Popular singer Wilson Abubakar Radido better known as Willy Paul has set the record straight on why he exited the gospel industry. Speaking during an interview with comedian Jalang’o, the controversial singer said that he was fed up with his fellow artists being against his work and always wanting to see him fail.

According to him, exiting the gospel scene does not block his blessings from God as the same God that blesses other secular artists is the same God that comes through for dedicated gospel artists as well.

“God and I have not split, I’m still his son. But the thing is, the same God that blesses Sauti Sol, Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy and even Chris Brown is the same God that blesses gospel artistes.

So even before I made up my mind to go this route, I was facing a lot of challenges in the gospel industry. I don’t want to mention names but the people in the gospel industry did so much to me. There’s that feeling where you haven’t done anything to anyone but they just want to see you fail.

“These guys were so against me that they protested against my music being played on several radio stations like two or three of them. There was a time I was solely depending on music for survival, to cater to my mom’s bills and mine. But these people were so heartless they didn’t care,” he said.

“As we speak I’m free because what I’m doing now is just music, no boundaries. I’ll wake up tomorrow I feel like worshipping I’ll worship, I feel like love, I’ll sing a love song. Now I don’t have to beg anyone or kneel before anyone to get anything because that’s not me and it will never happen.”

Second most successful Kenyan artist


Since he ventured into secular music, Willy Paul says that he has had to deal with a lot of negativity from haters. According to him, he is the second most successful artist in Kenya after rapper Khaligraph Jones, hence the hate.

“Haters are so many because I mean, who else is as successful as I am here in Kenya? I can’t think of anyone. So you see why the hate has to be there? I can say I’m the most successful artist because I haven’t seen anyone else like me except the OG, Kaligraph Jones. I respect him so much.”

Rising music career

Willy Paul recalled how hard he had to convince his mother to allow him to try his hand at music.

“I realized my musical talent when I was in class three but because my mother was so harsh and strict in just kept it to myself. I intentionally ventured into music after my dad passed and all of us went our different ways. My mom at the time was still against it but my big brother talked to her to allow me to explore my talent and she agreed so that I could use what I got to support her and my family.”


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