Wilson Sossion comes under fire from new Kericho KNUT branch executive

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary-General Wilson Sossion’s tenure at the helm now stands on shaky grounds after his friend-turned-foe Stanley Mutai managed to capture the Kericho branch post and immediately set his eyes on the SGs post.

Mutai, scored 312 votes to beat Sossion’s preferred candidate Anne Chepkoech, who garnered 294 votes in the hotly contested election in which Sossion unsuccessfully attempted to determine the office bearers.

The election was held after the Labour and Relations court in Nakuru threw out a suit filed by Sossion which sought to bar Mutai and other branch officials from participating in the election over corruption allegations.

In his victory speech after the election held at Kericho Teachers Training College, Mutai declared a head-on war against Sossion.

“My relationship with Sossion is irreparable. I will fight with him properly. The lies against me that I stole the union bus and plots have come to an end today,” he said.

While declaring his intention to unseat Sossion from the SG seat in the forthcoming union election, Mutai said a new leadership was required to restore KNUT to its former glory.

“Sossion, ceased being a trade unionist a long time ago. The time has come to return the back to the teachers. Brother Sossion has lost it terribly. He has brought the union to its lowest ebb,” he said.

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