Zari comes clean on claims she secretly reached out to Diamond’s mother

A few days ago, reports of Zari Hassan’s willingness to co-parent with the father of her two last-born children, Diamond Platnumz, led a section of her followers to believe that she would mend bridges with his family as well. Unfortunately this is not the case.

The mother of five recently distanced herself from news that she had secretly reached out to Platnumz’s mother, Sandra Kasim, and gifted her an expensive dining set.

According to the article, the Ugandan beauty is said to have gone out of her way to treat her former mother-in-law as a sign of reciprocation after Diamond’s enormous gift to their daughter.

“Zari nae hataki kukaa nyuma Nyuma kama mkia kaamua Kulipiza Vizawadi vya Diamond platnumz. kheeee wambea Nasikia Bwan hukooo Mama Dangoteee kapokea Zawadi ya Vyomboo kutoka Kwa Mama.”

In response, Zari explained that she had not sent Sandra any gift dismissing the news as pure gossip.

“Lies, I forgot its Udaku (gossip) page (sic),” Zari said adding laughing emotions at the end.

Strongly rooting for Diamond and Zari’s union the gossip site went on to screenshot the 39-year-old’s response stating that despite her stubbornness, she and Diamond would mend things and get back together just as a few notable Tanzanian couples have.

“Billnas Na Nady Waliachana Ila Kelele Za Mashabiki Wakarudiana, Jux Na V Waliachana Mara Ya Kwanza Kelele Za Mashabiki Wakarudiana  we Endelea kukataa tu ngoja Corona Ipite Kama aujaja Tanzania Baby,” read the post.

In talking terms

Since their much-publicized split, Zari and Diamond have constantly been at loggerheads with Zari constantly throwing shade at the singer for not being there for his children and in turn wanting nothing to do with him.

They, however, seemed to have finally found a middle ground to enable them to take care of their two children without fighting.

“Zari and I have not been talking, which is normal after we broke up. We have been communicating through a lawyer, but when I saw her comment, I sent her a message and talked to her. She is special since she made me a dad.

We have talked for the first time and realized maybe there has been a miscommunication between our lawyers, which we solved, and after this corona pandemic, we will resolve on how we will raise our children together,” wrote the singer.

The elated Diamond now speaks to his children as frequently as he pleases, an opportunity he does not take for granted.

“Nothing sweet than waking up to the sweetest video from your beloved kids,” he wrote after speaking to his children for the first time after a long time.

As if that was not enough, the Tanzanian superstar dug deep into his pocket and purchased an enormous kitchen set for his daughter Tiffah which he sent over to South Africa where she resides.

Taking to his Instagram the father of four posted a Tiffah’s reaction to her gift, priceless!

“Someone is so happy today,” wrote Diamond.


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