Churchill responds to claims he has not been paying comedians

Comedian-cum-radio presenter Daniel Ndambuki better known as ‘Churchill’ has responded to allegations he does not pay comedians performing on his show.  Borrowing a verse from the Bible, the Churchill Show host took to Twitter to defend himself against the accusations, saying that the truth would be out one day.

“One day you will know the truth…and the truth shall set you free,” he wrote.


The comedian’s tweet elicited mixed reaction among social media users who urged him to pay up while others sided with him but even so, Churchill made sure to respond to every comment.

“Forget about the truth tales, just pay those hard-working comedians. We watch your show because of them and not you, have you forgotten that your own jokes expired the day Moi retired? Wrote a user by the name Joseph Masta.

Create a show for them and you will have really helped them,” commented Churchill.

Amakanji Thomas tweeted, “Many of those “comedians” complaining behind the curtains cannot even hold a show for 20minutes mfululizo. They ride on your wave, bana Kenya ina talent mob sana no one should hold you at ransom with his budget atembeze kiatu.”

“Asante kaka,” Churchill responded.

“The truth is that comedians on your show are complaining about nonpayment,” said Nelson Namonywa. “Which one specifically?” asked Churchill.

Another user by the name Sylvia Kerubo wrote, “Assume that one day is today and tell the truth,” to which the comedian replied saying, “the truth will destroy the very same comedians I have tried to grow.”

Rugeiya_Mek suggested that any comedian claiming that Churchill owes him speak up so that the issue can be sorted, a stand Churchill fully supported.

Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill.

“Where are the rest of the comedians to ascertain the claims, kila mtu aseme anadai ngapi ngapi tumalize hii maneno.

“Very good idea,” responded Churchill.

“Churchill Show is an industry that feeds hundreds of families…so two or three ungrateful comedians should be the least of your worries,” read a tweet by Gauogilbert which Churchill retweeted.

Preaching against cyberbullying, the Classic 105 radio presenter posted another tweet encouraging Kenyans to be their brother’s keepers and make encouraging each other a norm.

“There’s no good in bullying, there’s no reward in pulling others down. Tuinuane majameni.”


The accusations tabled against Churchill came up a few days ago after popular blogger Robert Alai accused him of taking advantage of his comedians by using them for his show and not paying them.

“Anyone who talks to Dan Ndambuki aka Churchill, tell him to pay the comedians who have earned him money.  Comedians who provide him with content have not been paid since November 2019,” wrote Alai.

The blogger’s tweet sent social media into a frenzy with a section of users attacking Churchill based on the allegations.

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