Gospel artiste Mercy Masika speaks on esteem struggles growing up

Celebrated gospel artiste Mercy Masika has revealed that her teenagerhood was full of insecurities that weighed down her self-esteem.

According to the award-winning singer, she had pimples that made her think she was an ugly little girl and to top it all, being dark-skinned also affected her.

Well known for songs such as ‘Nikupendeze’, the mother of two said she felt beautiful when she found God.

“When growing up (only then not now) I thought ugly was on my face because I was dark and full of pimples. But I realize the day I found God I found myself,” she wrote.

Married to one David Mugoro, the singer went on to urge parents to build their daughters esteem by constantly reminding them how beautiful they are for they are, indeed, gorgeous.

“So, I keep looking at me and saying truly with a sincere heart Dark is lovely. I am actually grateful…#darkislovely. Tell your dark daughters they are pretty coz it’s true,” she added.

The sensational singer recently reflected her childhood memories in a cute family photo of her young self.

[Photo: Instagram @mercymasikamuguro]

“This was shagz, I am the cute one in yellow. My parents would leave us with mwaitu (grandmother) from Nairobi so that we learn to be down to earth,” she captioned the photo on her Instagram page.

The photo captured the attention of many of her fans who admired the person she was as a little girl.

The singer recalled the days their parents would leave them in the village with their grandmother. According to the singer, their parents always did this to teach them humility.

She also narrated the beauty of being in the village and how life was simple back in the days since people earned from their farms.

“But looking at this picture I realise how life was simple in my grandma’s generation. You work hard on your big farm and have food to eat and have a few clothes 1 or 2. Firewood lights the house; you get milk from the cows…You sleep with the sick goats and some chicken. Simple life…” she narrated.

Married for more than 7 years and with a five-year-old daughter, Ranise Muguro and a four-year-old son, Tevita Muguro, the singer took a swipe at the new generation, claiming that the generation has to have so much they don’t need.

“Our generation has to have so much we don’t need. We buy processed food instead of organic. We are distracted by social media, most of our young people take years before they land on earth.”

“I like technology but there’s something about Simplicity. Some complexity about Simplicity…no distractions. Focusing on Jesus, goals, family.” She wrote.

Mercy Masika [Photo: Instagram @mercymasikamuguro]

Last year, Masika made history after she was appointed as the UN refugee agency’s national goodwill ambassador for Kenya.

Before her appointment, Ms Masika served as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) high profile supporter, championing the agency’s LuQuLuQu campaign to change the narrative of the African refugee.

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