Size 8, Masterpiece spark controversy with ‘Niko High bila Ndom’

Celebrated gospel singer Linet Masiro Munyali, popularly known as Size 8, is on the receiving end after she featured in Masterpieces’ latest song ‘High Bila Ndom’.

According to some netizens, the collaboration fell flat on her known projects that, according to them, have always inspired and touched lives.

Minutes after she uploaded a promo video of the said song, fans came at her with all sort of comments with a section expressing their disappointment in Kenyan gospel artists.

“High Bila Ndom by @masterpieceking_ and myself now on YouTube click link on my bio… Ephesians 5:18, ‘Don’t be drunk with wine but be filled with the holy spirit…’ Nafuata Yesu kama kondoo…” wrote Size 8.

“Aki Linet you have always been my best gospel artist, my best woman, my mentor I have been following you everywhere on social media, but this one is a NO to me, you don’t belong here. My opinion though.” Irene Awino Ogutu replied to size 8.

@PatitiMsanii, on the other hand, took a swipe at the entire gospel industry; “Itachezwa tu si unajua mzee ndo dj!!! No wonder gospel industry inakufa tu,” his comment read.

“Waah Aki gospel artists wakenya tuwapeleke wapi benchmarking Aki coz vitu munaimba ata shetani anawashangaa nani anawafunza,” @evahailey expressed her opinion.

Size 8 [Photo: Instagram @size8reborn]

Contrary to the popular opinion on size 8’s comment section, however, @jgaichugi felt that the song was beautiful and that Kenyans were just making noise for nothing.

“I like it never mind about some people, kamati ya roho chafu they never appreciate ….go on mama,” he commented.

To her defence, her husband, DJ Mo took to his Instagram to congratulate her for the song stating that a good gospel song wasn’t determined by the tempo or the genre but by good content.

“A good gospel song is not determined by the tempo or genre but by good content …..this is… Ephesians 5:18 Don’t be drunk with wine but be filled with the holy spirit” said DJ Mo.

This is not the first time gospel artistes are making headlines and stirring controversies with collaborations that have not sat well with conservatives.

Bahati, under two months ago, landed in trouble with a section of his fans after dropping a song dubbed “Taniua” featuring Gengetone group, Boondocks Gang.

Bahati [Photo: Instagram @Bahatikenya]

Many criticized Bahati on grounds that the song has zero spiritual content yet he is a gospel singer; others argued that they will only watch the song because he has featured their favourite secular group.

On the other hand, Mr Seed, a popular gospel artist was forced to clear the air following his new hit song called ‘Kwa hao’ in which he featured Genge tone artists as well as Kartelo – who is not only a content creator but also a radio presenter.

In his statement, Mr Seed said that the Gengetone artistes have changed the Kenyan music and are part of the new style and vibe.

“I’m strictly a gospel artist. The song talks about returning people to the church. Even the odi’s praise god in church and when God blessed me with a child I dedicated him to the church,” he said.

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