Governor Obado vows to fight ouster to the bitter end

Migori Governor Okoth Obado at a past event. [File, Standard]

Faced with an impeachment threat and two court cases, embattled Migori Governor Okoth Obado says he will fight to the bitter end.

In the face of his latest political battle that has culminated in a resolution by ODM to have him impeached, Obado believes he is a mere cannon fodder in the 2022 scheme of things.
Speaking to the Sunday Standard in his first interview since his arrest alongside his four children over alleged graft, Obado talked about his personal challenges, links with Deputy President William Ruto and why he believes ODM leader Raila Odinga and the Orange party are baying for his blood.
Describing himself a victim of a long-drawn political witch-hunt from Orange House, the governor accused ODM of subjecting him and his family to what he called public lynching.

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He claimed by punishing him over a pending court case, the party had usurped the roles of the courts and investigative agencies.
“They have condemned me unheard and subjected me to humiliation in complete disregard of the doctrine of being innocent until proven guilty. It is clear I am being targeted,” the governor said.
Obado, a former school teacher, says just like he defied odds to win elections in 2013 and 2017, he will overcome his current tribulations. In 2013, he won on a PDP ticket and went ahead to secure the ODM ticket in 2017 despite stiff opposition from party mandarins.
He said his current situation has weighed heavily on him and his family but he will overcome.

Impeachment motion

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Last Wednesday, ODM summoned its MCAs to a meeting where they were whipped to support an impeachment motion against the governor over alleged graft. The assembly members are split on the move.
Yesterday, Obado questioned why “outsiders” and not Migori County residents would sanction his impeachment and exert undue political pressure on MCAs.
“The broad objective is not just to remove Obado. The plan is to dethrone the entire leadership of county government of Migori so that they can install their stooges and loot public funds. The people will not agree and it will not work,” he said.
The governor claimed Migori Senator Ochillo Ayacko, ODM chair John Mbadi and Secretary General Edwin Sifuna were behind his political woes with the blessings of party leader Raila Odinga.
He says he was the subject of a meeting last Sunday at Raila’s Karen home where the decision to have him impeached was reached.

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“They are so uncomfortable with me yet Migori residents are happy with the work I am doing,” he said.
Obado laughed off the impeachment plan.
He scoffed at claims by rivals that he is an ally of Ruto. He also denied bad blood between him and his deputy Nelson Mahanga.   
“I will not come out and begin abusing Ruto to prove my loyalty to ODM. That’s what they want. I will not do it.”

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