Hamisa Mobetto denies dating Rick Ross, says they are close friends

Tanzanian singer and businesswoman Hamisa Mobetto has dismissed claims that she is romantically involved with US rapper Rick Ross.

Speaking during an interview on The Trend, Hamisa, who is in the country for a charity event, said they are just close friends and they work together.

“We are quite close. I wouldn’t say it is a relationship but we work together and we are like one big family.

“It is not a romantic relationship. I am currently focused on building my brand and making more money,” she said.

Hamisa also revealed that she prefers being home as opposed to going out clubbing, saying motherhood has taught her a lot.

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The mother of two said parenthood is tiring but fun and everything about it is worth it.

Hamisa and Rick Ross in Dubai

In late 2021, Hamisa fueled rumors regarding her relationship with Rick Ross. Taking to social media, she shared video clips that captured her and Rick Ross having a night out full of fun.

In the shared video clips, Hamisa and Rick Ross were seen warming up to each other in a way that suggested they might be more than just friends.

“Daddy and mommy @richforever & @hamisamobetto. We are happy guys… what a morning,” read a post from Hamisa’s personal assistant.

Two months prior, Rick Ross had revealed that there is a connection between him and Hamisa. According to him, Hamisa is a hard-working business lady who deserves to be supported in all ways.

“I have to be honest, there is a connection, how much you wanna me to tell you about it? I’m gonna leave that to her. So, I want you to make sure you do an interview with her,” he said in part.

Speaking publicly about their relationship, Rick Ross described her as a strong woman, saying he was willing to take her to the next level because he was proud of her success.

“She is such a beautiful person, beautiful spirit and she is a huge entrepreneur and I want to help her take it to the next level because she is doing a great job and I’m proud of her,” he added.

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