How Mount Kenya United coach was evicted from Nairobi apartment – Nairobi News

Former Mount Kenya United FC head coach Melis Medo is reported to have been kicked out of his rental apartment in Nairobi for failure to pay rent.

In a circumstance that best highlights the financial challenges in Kenyan football, has reported that the American coach found himself in a tight spot after the club owner Francis Mureithi issued him with two cheques for payment, which went on to bounce when delivered at the bank.

“It has not been easy staying in Kenya. Nobody from the club cared for me. The owner played a hide and seek game on me, even the cheques he gave me bounced. I had to part with my expensive watch to get at least two more months where I am staying with my son,” Medo recounted.

“At some point, I called the Football Kenya Federation president Nick Mwendwa to help me, and he sent me Sh15,000 which helped us. It reached a point the landlord could not take it anymore, he evicted us from his apartments.”

Medo has since returned to his native USA.


The coach’s plight best highlights Mount Kenya United’s situation.

Acquired by a group of central Kenya businessmen and then rebranded from Nakumatt to Mount Kenya, the team initially seemed to be the real deal.

But then, a dramatic turn of events, occasioned by cash flow challenges, ended up in the players staging endless strikes last season with the side eventually finishing bottom of the 2018/2019 Kenyan Premier League.

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