Huddah Monroe calls it quits, claims Coronavirus updates weighing her down

Kenyan socialite turned businesswoman Alhuddah Njoroge better known as Huddah Monroe has thrown in the towel and put social media on hold.

This after the Huddah Cosmetics CEO confessed to being disturbed by the continued reports of coronavirus spread across the globe.

Taking to her Instastory, the vocal social media personality admitted to taking the issue lightly but after seeing news on the lives lost and rapid spread, she had to change her view.

Huddah went on to explain that the news has gotten her even more paranoid.

“Leaving social media for a while. All these daily news is weighing so much on me and my spirit. At first, it looked like a joke. But now it’s really hitting home! And the more I see it: the more paranoid I get!” wrote Huddah.

In a separate post, Huddah urged netizens to stay indoors. The entrepreneur also encouraged that people use their time indoor to educate themselves and pray.

“Stay home. Stay prayed up! Stay educated. Keep a positive mindset. And hope for the best!

“God is the key. Sending positive vibes your way. This thing is hard on all of us: but let’s stay prayed up! Keep hope alive! Seek knowledge so you won’t get bored. Stop idle chatter!” Added Huddah.

This is not a joke!

The socialite is among several celebrities that have made use of their platforms to sensitize individuals on the seriousness of the Coronavirus.

Not too long ago, media personality Janet Mbugua brushed shoulders with a section of online users the wrong way after she aired her disappointment on twitter over worshippers that had chosen to attend church disregarding the government’s stay home directive.

“I’m sorry but Christians claiming they have to physically go to church and those welcoming ‘their flock’ amid all the warnings and directives, are hypocrites. Check yourself. Actually read The Word because I’m pretty sure God speaks about wisdom, honour and obedience throughout. SMH (shaking my head),” Janet tweeted.

Janet’s post did not sit well with a section of online users who lashed out at her for seemingly attacking Christians.

“Folks trying to justify large gatherings (it’s not just at church, by the way. Night clubs/ social areas too) aren’t thinking of others, only hearing their voices. And if priests live at the Church as their homes, as we’ve seen The Pope do, they can still isolate #noexcuses

“#CoronavirusForDummies- You are not bigger than anyone when it comes to #COVID19. The trolling, defending and excusing will only hurt you. Even a deputy governor isn’t above the law! Read, humble yourself and get educated. Stay at home! Unless absolutely necessary; for emergencies,” she wrote.


In an attempt to control the spread of the virus, the government has announced a lockdown effective 27 March 2020.

“…effective Friday, March 27, 2020, a daily Curfew from 7 pm to 5 am shall be in effect in the territory of the Republic of Kenya, with all movement by persons not authorised to do so or not being medical professionals, health workers, critical and essential services providers, being prohibited between those hours,” said Uhuru in a national address on Wednesday, March 25.

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