Italian man caught assaulting woman in viral video released on bail – VIDEO – Nairobi News

The man identified as Maurisio Montcalli appeared before a Kiambu court where the magistrate ordered he be taken to hospital for treatment.

He had sustaned injuries from an alleged beating by members of the public during his dramatic arrest.

Montcalli was arraigned following his arrest at Edenville Estate, along Kiambu road on Sunday.

A video that went viral on social media showed Montcalli, a resident of Edenville Phase One, assaulting a Caucasian woman believed to be his neighbor.

The elderly foreign national, who is dressed in a red shirt and a blue pair of shorts, is seen slapping the woman who is standing in front of him while engaged in a simmering argument with two other people, among them a security guard who tried to contain him unsuccessfully.

It was unclear what provoked the heated exchange of words before Montcalli slapped her in presence of a security guard and neighbours.

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