John Mulaney Was ‘So Mad’ At His Friends During His Intervention

John Mulaney appeared on Seth Meyers’ late night show Tuesday to open up about the highs and lows he experienced in the last year, including a stint in rehab for cocaine and alcohol abuse.

Among the revelations: Meyers helped stage an intervention for Mulaney, who is a close friend and fellow “Saturday Night Live” alum.

Mulaney said he was supposed to be going out to dinner with an old college friend the night the intervention took place, and when he opened the door to the friend’s apartment, he knew what was going on “right away.”

“That’s how bad of a drug problem I had, that when I opened the door and saw people, I went, ‘This is probably an intervention,’” Mulaney quipped.

“I needed to be the smartest person in the room, even at the intervention,” the “Comeback Kid” comedian continued. “So I remember saying to all of you, ‘Before you all read your letter, I have a drug problem and I need help,’ just to scoop you.”

Mulaney said that he was “so mad” at his friends at the time, because he “wanted to continue using drugs.”

“Sitting here tonight, I’m so grateful to you and to everyone there for saving my life, OK? That night I was not grateful,” he told Meyers, who was the first person he saw when he walked through the door.

Following rehab, Mulaney and his then-wife, Anna Marie Tendler, announced that they were divorcing in May. Tendler said she was “heartbroken” over Mulaney’s “decision to end our marriage.”

Mulaney mentioned his ex-wife during his appearance on Tuesday, while describing the events of the past few months and announcing that he was having a baby with his girlfriend, actor Olivia Munn.

“Since last September ― I went to rehab in September, OK ― I got out in October, I move out of my home from my ex-wife, I host ‘Saturday Night Live’ on Halloween, I relapse on drugs after the show,” Mulaney said while listing off his timeline and saying he went to rehab again.

“In the spring I went to Los Angeles and met and started to date a wonderful woman named Olivia,” he said, later adding, “Olivia and this baby have helped save me from myself in this early journey out of recovery.”

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