John Oliver Shows How Hackers Could Literally Seize Control Of Your Ass

The “Last Week Tonight” host reveals some of the ways ordinary people can be vulnerable to ransomware.

John Oliver on Sunday night showed how “alarmingly easy” it is for anyone with a computer, an Internet connection and ill intent to carry out a ransomware attack.

And as the “Last Week Tonight” host noted, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to do the deed as there are now off-the-shelf programs to conduct the attacks.

As a result, ransomware attacks are on the rise and they’re targeting people as well as companies, locking up personal files such as photo galleries, until the victims pay up.

Oliver even found sex toys that security experts have discovered contain potential vulnerabilities, including a butt plug controlled remotely via the internet.

“That product could essentially give the internet control over your anus,” Oliver said. “Which doesn’t seem great. Assholes are like opinions: letting the internet be in charge of yours is a really bad idea.”

Although the butt plug has a physical key for emergencies, Oliver didn’t find that reassuring.

“Just picture the last time you searched for your keys around your house,” he said. “And now, raise the stakes significantly.”

Oliver concluded the segment with some steps on how to protect your connected assets ―  from photo galleries to butt plugs ― complete with a new PSA.

See it in his full segment below: 

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