Kenya Air Force commissions newly acquired C-145 Skytruck aircraft

The Kenya Air Force (KAF) commissioned the newly acquired C-145 Skytruck aircraft which is intended to phase out the Y-12 aircrafts.

Speaking during the reception ceremony at the Moi Air Base (MAB), Eastleigh on Tuesday, Commander KAF Major General Francis Ogolla said the acquisition will go a long way in enhancing the mission readiness of the Force.

“It is a great day today as we introduce the C-145 Skytruck Aircraft(KAF 2001). This aircraft will not be in the Service for display but to enhance the capability of our air support to our sister Services,” he said.

The C-145 Skytruck aircraft was acquired through the Excess Defense Article (EDA) of the DoD and U.S. Coast Guard.

This followed the signing of the Kenya United States Liason Office (KUSLO) agreement by the two governments on April 4, 2017.

Major Matthew Yan
Major Matthew Yan. PHOTO | COURTESY | KAF

Major Matthew Yan, the US Defence Air Attachee to Kenya, thanked the Kenyan Government for the mutual cooperation and offered assurance of continued support.

He summed up acquisition of the aircraft using a common Swahili phrase ‘haba na haba hujaza kibaba’.

C-145 Skytruck Aircraft is a variant M28 with a capacity of nineteen.

The C-145 is more modified with a stronger engine, it has a short take-off and landing capability, picks height faster and has a bigger cargo capacity.

The aircraft is a multi-purpose aircraft, that can be used for VIP and passenger transportation, cargo transportation, paradrop, insertion as well as casualty evacuation.

Present at the ceremony were Base Commander Moi Air Base Brigadier Peter Githinji, US Defence Mobile Training Team (MTT), KAF Senior Officers, Officers and Service Members.

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