Kenyan truck drivers detained in Tanzania seek State intervention

Kenyan truck drivers urge the state to intervene and facilitate their release after being detained in Kenya-Tanzania border.

Several Kenyan truck drivers detained at Sirare border in Tanzania want the Kenyan government to help them get out of the unjust detention.

Antony Juma, a truck driver, told the Standard on Sunday that they had been detained at Sirare for the past four days in a move he termed as retaliation by Tanzanian authority.

“The officers from Tanzania have openly told us that they are not impressed with the manner in which Tanzania truck drivers are being treated in Kenya we have asked the Tanzania authorities to allow us to get back to the county but they are very reluctant to release our trucks,” said Juma.

Juma said they had tried to seek help from the Kenyan authorities stationed at the Kenya revenue offices at Isebania but they had not received any support.

The now want the Kenyan government to move expeditiously to diplomatically handle the misunderstanding between the two countries so that they can move with ease.

Their prayer is that they be allowed to return to Kenya rather being detained in Tanzania without proper reason for the past four days.

This is not the first time the Kenya truck driver are being exposed to such harassment and detention at Isebania border.

Early last month, several truck drivers were forced to cancel their journey after the Tanzania authority denied them pass.

Isebania ward MCA Elias Nyaure on Sunday told the Standard that the current Covid-19 pandemic should not be allowed to create a frosty relationship between the two countries and their citizens.

“The two country leaders should come together and old a meeting that can bring to an end the differences that are now being realized at our borders,” said Nyaure.

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