Lance Armstrong’s College Football-Playing Son Says He Won’t Dope Like Dad

The son of Lance Armstrong makes clear he won’t be a cheat off the old block. 

Luke Armstrong, a redshirt sophomore fullback at Rice University, was asked in the ESPN documentary “Lance” whether he would consider using performance-enhancing drugs. His disgraced father took prohibited substances to win seven Tour de France races, only to be later stripped of those cycling titles and banned from the sport for life.

“I’ve always felt like grinding for something and really working for a specific goal has always been so much more worth it than taking the shortcut,” the son said in Part 2 of the film, per USA Today. “I also feel that, like, If I ever did that and got caught, for random people, they would be like, ‘He’s just like his dad.’”

The ESPN documentary aired over the last two Sundays, May 24 and 31.

College football player Luke Armstrong and his infamous father, Lance Armstrong.

College football player Luke Armstrong and his infamous father, Lance Armstrong.

For Luke’s dad, however, the choice might become more complicated with higher stakes.

“If we were put in that position where Luke as a college football player came to me and either said, ‘I’d like to try this,’ or ‘I am doing this,’ I would say, ‘That’s a bad idea,’” Lance Armstrong said in the documentary, per the New York Post.

Still imagining speaking to his son, he continued, “It might be a different conversation if you’re in the NFL. But at this point in life, in your career, not worth it.”

Luke Armstrong, a 6-foot-3-inch, 236-pound reserve, walked on to the Owls team ― meaning he wasn’t given a scholarship ― so it’s unlikely he’ll end up facing that pro choice.

And for the record, performance-enhancing drugs are banned in the NFL, and the league randomly tests players for them.

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