Musalia touted as best bet for Kenya in 2022

Speakers in Mululu, Vihiga county, who attended the funeral of Hannah Atsianzale on Saturday hailed Musalia Mudavadi as one best placed to lead Kenya in 2022.Hannah was Mudavadi’s mother, who died last year on December 28. She was 92.

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala addressed President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, who attended the funeral, asking them to support Mudavadi in the 2022 presidency race.

According to Malala, the two owe the ANC leader, and have no option other than to pay by rendering their support.

Mudavadi came a distant third in the presidential race after Kenyatta and Cord candidate Raila in 2013 and conceded defeat. In the runup to the 2017 polls, the Amani leader joined Raila to form NASA.

Malala said “Dawa ya deni ni kulipa”, loosely translated to mean, the only way out of a debt is to pay it.

Malala’s sentiments were supported by Nyaribari Chache MP Richard Tong’i, Kiminini’s Chris Wamalwa, Siaya Senator James Orengo and Senate Majority Leader Samuel Poghisio.

Speakers cast the limelight on the elusive Luhya unity, which they say has been a thorn in the flesh of the community’s ascent to the country’s top seat.

Poghisio and Orengo seemingly called on the Luhya voting bloc to speak with one voice, with the Siaya senator saying, “A house divided cannot stand”.

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja on his part, said Mudavadi is the only leader who is not linked to festered vendetta and scores he would settle if he becomes President.

In the same breath, Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o said Kenya needs a leader who citizens will equally identify with, adding that “we need political stability for a long period of time to spur development.”

The country’s current leadership has constantly been criticised for doing little to address runaway corruption, among other ills hurting the country.

Speaking at an interview on December 24, Mudavadi said he is fit to lead the country. He added that part of the solution lies in reducing the heavy Sh8.4 trillion burden and have it rescheduled as well as renegotiating with the countries involved.

“That is the only way to release cash into the economy to spur growth — renegotiate penalties and interest rates.”

He also cited dealing with corruption and wastage aggressively as well as shifting the economy from consumer based to a productive economy. “We are doing very little on job n wealth creation.”

The former minister for local government also said part of the solution lies in the leaders placed in positions of power.

“Choices matter. We must reflect about the leadership we put in place.”

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