Mustafa’s heart-warming message to wife, Harriet Masemo, on her birthday

Actor Andrew Muthure, better known as Mustafa courtesy of his captivating role in the 12-year running hit drama Mother -in-Law, has on June 14 celebrated his wife Harriet Masemo.

In a sweet message on her birthday, Mustafa stated on his Instagram account that Masemo was his forever love; a ‘royal, loyal, generous, kind, caring, loving and firm’ wife.

“She added colour and love to my life, she’s royal, loyal, generous, kind, caring, loving, firm, and full of laughter. A personality cocktail that I thought only existed in fantasy. Harriet Masemo, happy birthday my love, my makeki and mathweetie, my kadollie. May God ever increase you in wisdom, love health and wealth this year and the years to come. It’s a pleasure doing forever with you,” he wrote.

Masemo’s big day came three days after he revealed that he celebrated his own 41st birthday under the weather. Hospitalized, Mustafa noted that the shining moment was a birthday surprise thrown by his friends and family.

“40 with 1 year experience, coincided with being under the weather. Good health, friends and my ride or die, best friend and mamasita Harriet Masemo are not obvious, they are a blessing. Thank you St. Pauls Hospital for the beautiful birthday surprise,” he stated.

Speaking to eDaily soon after landing a gig at Roya Media Service’s Hot 96 in 2015, the actor prided in living a quiet life off the limelight with his partner.

A fact, he added, shocks many of his fans whenever they bump onto him in public.

“Someone would realize who you are like 50 metres after they’ve passed you and they scream your screen name ’We ni Mustafa wa Mother In Law!’ Then everyone turns around and looks at you. Even if you are not in the mood for chit chat, you have to really gracious and speak to them kindly because your fans make you or break you,” said the celebrated African Nazarene University alumnus.

“Because my character is a punk, there’s no Mustapha groupie. What usually get from them is ‘Ghai kumbe unakuanga umechanuka hivi? Na venye unakaa mshady kwa TV’.”

In the interview, the actor disclosed that his first love was radio but made it TV  via Makutano Junction where he was an assistant director before auditioning twice for ‘Mother-in-Law’.

“I joined Makutano Junction as an assistant director. It is then that someone told me about Mother-In-Law and I decided to audition. After two auditions, I was selected as part of the actors…The guys are fun to work with; it’s all laughter and joy working with them,” he went on. “They are all amazing and talented people… Radio was a long journey. I knocked on many doors, pleaded with people who were already in the industry.”

A fulfilling role that he says takes a lot of thought: “When acting, one might be under pressure especially during the production process… However, I take time to internalize the cause of the pressure and come up with a solution immediately. You learn how to separate the character and yourself and do the best you can and let it flow…”

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