Ronaldinho’s mother dies aged 71 after contracting Covid-19

Dona Miguelina, the mother of Brazilian football star Ronaldinho is dead.

Miguelina, 71, was hospitalised after testing positive for Covid-19 last year while in their home city of Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil.

In December, the Ballon d’Or winner asked fans to pray for his mother, revealing she was fighting for her life at Mae de Deus Hospital.

“Dear friends. My mum has Covid and we’re fighting for her to recover. She is in intensive care and is receiving all the care she needs. I’m thankful for your prayers, your positive energy and the affection you’ve always shown. Stay strong, mum,” Ronaldinho said on Twitter.

Ronaldinho thanked fans for their prayers and positive energy’ after his mum was taken to intensive care [Credit: AFP – Getty]

While detained in Paraguay over fake passports, Ronaldinho was eager to be freed, saying the first thing he would do after being freed would be to give his mum a ‘big kiss’.

“She’s been experiencing a difficult time of it since the start of the coronavirus crisis,” he said.

In 2012, while still playing for Flamengo, the Brazilian almost quit due to his mother’s condition – cancer.

Ronaldinho nearly quit football in 2012 after his mum fell ill [Credit: Getty Images – Getty]

“When my mum fell ill, I said I wouldn’t be able to carry on playing. I thought the time had come to stop and take care of her. Everyone gave me strength. I experienced a lot of things and it was really difficult but the fans were by side. They took a flag with her face on it to the stadium and hugged me,” the Brazilian told press.


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