Tanga tanga is what I do best, Ruto claims

Evasive is a word one may use to describe Deputy President William Ruto, when cornered on Tuesday evening about his 2022 ambition.

“You cross every river when you get there…for now, I am the Deputy President. When that time comes, Jubilee will make a decision,” he said on Citizen TV.

Ruto, who described his official residence as the Hustler’s mansion, decried claims that he has been targeted in the war on corruption.
Instead, he said the push to arrest culprits and hold those involved accountable is a government plan, which he is a part of.

His statements seemingly attempted to rope in the DP in moves to curtail corruption, and demistify reports that he is being elbowed out as a result of President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s newly found friendship.

On his relationship with the President, Ruto insisted that he and Uhuru Kenyatta are as united as they have always been.

He watered down the President’s reference to him as “huyu kijana wa kutanga tanga”.”The President was referring to that tanga tanga in a context of me doing what I do best – monitoring government programmes,” Ruto said.

Constantly taking deep breaths, Ruto said the war on corruption should not be politicised.

“If we allow politicisation of the war on corruption, we will end up nowhere,” Ruto said.

Cornered to explain why he criticises the work of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, he shot back, saying he will not discuss the DCI.

He slammed claims of losing Sh21 billion in the Arror and Kimwarer dams deal, saying the only way he and Uhuru would lose that amount in one transaction would be if they were running a casino.

The DCI and National Treasury CS Henry Rotich both place the figure at Sh21 billion, but Ruto insists it is Sh7 billion.

So who should be trusted on the actual figure? Ruto asserts, “Ultimately the people that were given the mandate to run the affairs of this government by the people of Kenya are President Uhuru Kenyatta and I…why would I say something that is untrue?”

Ruto added that politicians tagged as ‘his allies’ do not speak for him because the corruption war has not been weaponised.

The Deputy President had to rebut claims that his wealth acquisition is questionable. Comments from social media users read by the interviewer asked Ruto to clarify his source of money.”If somebody is interested in all that, let them come and ask me … or anybody saying their money got lost and they found it in William Ruto’s hand,” he said.

Ruto refused to state his networth. A Google search reveals he is worth Sh30 billion.

Although he played it down, it is no secret that Ruto has set on the campaign trail ahead of the 2022 presidency, insisting that corruption will not be a stumbling block in his quest.

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