Uganda’s Tech Minister Defends Purchase Of Computer Mouses At Ksh.250K Each

Uganda’s Minister for Science and Technology Dr. Monica Musenero on Friday defended her decision to acquire computer mouses worth USh. 8 million (Ksh.252,613) each, citing that they play a huge role in facilitating the development of a local Covid-19 vaccine.

Musenero made the statement before the Select Committee of Parliament which is currently investigating whether the Minister squandered USh.31 billion (approximately Ksh. 978.9 million) set aside to develop the local vaccine.

The technology minister however argued that the devices are state of the art and not readily available hence their high cost.

“The media has actually named it [as] the Musenero Mouse and there are cartoons [about it]. These are very high technology animals. Not only are they expensive but they are also not easy to get,” Dr Musenero said according to the Monitor.

Musenero also insisted that Uganda acquired the mouses for a bargain since current industry rates are much higher.

“We paid the first company and they returned our money and they said we can’t give you because they are in very high demand. USh.8 Million, actually that is cheap,” she said.

The parliamentary committee is expected to present its findings to the House in a fortnight after concluding investigations.

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