Victoria Kimani miffed after being labelled video vixen – Nairobi News

Singer Victoria Kimani has taken offence after being referred to as a video vixen by a local publication.

Victoria emphasised that she is an artiste and a creative -and not a video vixen.

“Another day, another Kenyan publication adding zero respect to my name …. At this point it is understood that I am the monthly female dartboard that all of you so-called “journalists” have WET DREAMS on slandering the hardest,” said Kimani.

She says that the reference made by the publication on her is an attack on her as a woman.

“I’ve never deserved this … so I hope that speaking on it will be my official announcement that THIS IS NOT OK. You CANNOT use my image unlawfully to wrongfully attack me & paint me whatever colour you want just for click bait. Simply because I am a woman, I make music …I have my own style … I am NOT a vixen … I am an artist,” she went on.

The misrepresentation given to artistes, she says, is the reason that the entertainment industry in the country is facing numerous challenges.

“This is why we as Kenyans are lagging behind in several fields … self-hate …self-sabotage and misrepresentation… we do not build up our own … we destroy we tear down we underestimate .. We downplay our disrespect,” lamented Kimani.

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