Want To Be A Better Runner? Try Walking

Run-walking is still running, okay?

Ever since I started running, I’ve been subjected to what I’d call “pace shaming.” It leaves me with a nagging feeling that I’m doing something wrong when I slow to take a walk break.

Sometimes it’s thanks to the glares of advanced runners who look down on my slow pace along Central Park’s jogging paths. Or sometimes it’s even internal — a tiny voice in my head telling me I can do “better.”

But what does better look like? Can better only mean faster?

Here’s the truth: Not only does this “better = faster” mentality only serve to make me feel discouraged, it may be totally off base. Just because I take breaks to walk doesn’t mean I’m not a runner.

Research suggests there are multiple health benefits to walking, but there’s also evidence that it may actually improve your run overall. And this method is not just for beginners — even veteran runners can reap the benefits.

Still not convinced? Below are a few reasons to embrace your slower stride.

Walking doesn’t mess with your overall pace.

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